A Snowy Couples Session / by Deisy Mendoza

The day was absolute perfection! We had just gotten out of church and it had started to snow just a little bit earlier. It had been a long time since I had seen a snow day quite like this one. Last year I was pregnant with my little boy Lincoln and my chances of doing a snowy photo session were zero. I love how God remembers the little details of what our hearts desire. I sat in my living room thinking about how beautiful the snow was falling. As I looked out the window I couldn't sit their and look at it anymore. I had to get out there! I texted my friends an gathered my things as quickly as possible and set out for a cold fun adventure! Sometimes instead of sitting down and watching things happen we have to get out of our comfortable pajamas and get uncomfortable to be part of the moments. God has a story for all of us. He is good and your story is incredibly important to him! Don't be afraid to jump in and get a little uncomfortable because thats what makes the journey beautiful!