The Baker Family / by Deisy Mendoza

Family has become more important to me since becoming a parent. I am so honored each time a family asks me to photograph their special moments. I have had the privilege of seeing a mother love her daughter with affection and reassurance and a father hold his son up high with such admirable pride. For the longest time family was a hard thing for me to comprehend. Seeing my friends have deep and meaningful relationships with their families was so foreign to me. I had always been so independent and never had the chance to have that with my own parents. I am however so thankful to them for showing me how to work hard, have integrity, be honest, and to have a never give up mentality. They strived to provide for us in ways I can never repay. God has been so kind to let me see the beauty of a family through friends, my own family, and behind the camera lens.

Recently he sweetly spoke a revelation over me through a lovely friend who is courageous in so many ways herself. I love when we as women can lift each other up, pray, and encourage one another as Jesus has called us to. He lovingly revealed through her that because I had less of my mom I got to have him more. God is so good and I am so thankful for the way he creatively and wonderfully shows his love for us. 

I hope you enjoy this recent family session. Thank you Baker Family for letting me document this mile stone for your sweet gal and for your lovely family!