The Freedom Project: "One Degree Away" / by Deisy Mendoza

We have been called to freedom! Our true identity and freedom can only be found in Christ Jesus. You are more beautiful than you know and what God has in store for you far surpasses what you could ever think or imagine. He has called us as women to have freedom in our thoughts and emotions and when we seek to find our stability in him then we can never be shaken! He is our rock and strong oak of righteousness. He seeks to reveal to us our true selves, our true identity. As women we can become enslaved to our thoughts and emotions. We want to be loved, appreciated, respected and known but when we desire these things from the world we will only find heartache and brokenness. 

When we look to Christ we discover who we really are and who we are meant to be. We start to see ourselves as heaven sees us. We begin to define our selves through the eyes of God and their is no better place. He is the mighty rock that can never be shaken and in him fulfillment and satisfaction is found. He loves you with a love beyond comprehension and when we chase after him everything else in this world becomes less important to us.

This summer has been one of the craziest summers of my life. Photography has been non-stop and being a mom of two has made life a huge adventure. Now while I am so thankful for all of these amazing weddings, projects, and photo shoots I found myself starting to lose sight of what this life is all about. I began to get caught up in taking care of my family, burying myself in editing photos, getting lost in social media, and making sure I was keeping my posts for the business up to date. I soon realized that I had started to value myself not in God's eyes but in the eyes of this world. God is so good that he gently spoke to me by tugging at my heart over this matter. I started waking up and realizing that somewhere along the way I had put others, myself, and my business before what really should hold the key to my heart, Jesus. It's so easy to fall into this business and let it take control cause for one thing I absolutely love love love it!! I can be creative, meet people, and document beautiful moments for my clients to remember for the rest of their lives. It's all so amazing but through the loving mercies and kindness of God, he has started to draw me back to the real purposes that he has for my life. I have been called to love him wholeheartedly, glorify him, and make him known! I have been called to speak truth and identity into the lives of women around me. I have been called to be in awe and amazed by the Maker of Heaven and Earth! I have been called to have a deep relationship with the one I call Father and their is nothing that can compare to that. 

I wanted this photo shoot to represent that and symbolize that freedom and relationship that God has called us to. To remember what it's really all about. This session was also on my heart because I wanted to bring awareness to Human Trafficking and the organizations that are dedicated to stopping this horrific industry. One of my sweet friends made this shirt to raise awareness and financial support for a friend of hers that is now living in freedom from the sex industry. This woman is nothing short of courageous and I admire her strength and ability to overcome. The shirt says " Brave Women Run in My Family" and I knew this would be perfect for this project. So for the next three months, I will be sharing about these organizations and what they are doing to actively stop human trafficking. If you would like to know how we are partnering with these organizations please click on the Giving Back Link for more information and for more links to the organizations we are working with. Pray for freedom for these people and for God to tear down this dark industry. We are closer to this issue than we think. We are only one degree away. 

Big Big Thanks to Beautiful Caitlyn for stepping in as a model for this photo shoot!!! You are beautiful and I loved our photography adventure!